Game is a Combination of Two Examples WinLose

Gong Ball is a game that combines card and ball games. Where the card components that are accessed are 3 for the Banker, and for the Player (Player) who receives the draw from the ball. When deciding to play Gong Ball, the player will receive the SGP lottery output from the ball, where the ball will then fall on the number that has been provided, and the next number will be compared to the score of the card slot server thailand accessed by the Banker. The score for the dealer’s card is A (1)-10 and for K, Q, J the score is 2. The player will be handed 3 balls whose number will be calculated when they stop.

System for Playing the Gong Ball Gambling Game Live
Actually, the method of playing Gong Ball is not difficult so new players don’t need a long time to master it. You just have to study the chronology of the game so you know what it means and don’t take the wrong steps.

This game is a combination of two examples of online gambling that are well known and widely played. The result of this game itself depends on the combination of 3 cards obtained by the player.

The score of the cards with the Jack, Queen and King images all have a score of 10 even though the Ace has a value of 1. Meanwhile, cards with the numbers 1 – 10 have a score that is listed on the card. If you want to win then you can make a combination with the highest score. The highest score is from the 3 pictures or 3 picture cards in this game.

Various Betting Alternatives in Gong Ball Gambling
Just like other types of gambling regarding the method of playing Gong Ball, it is worth understanding poker online the betting alternatives first. There is more than one alternative presented to players to provide different excitement.

Main Figures

The Main Number guesses the unit number, namely the subsequent score resulting from the sum of the three balls. So if you receive 3 numbers 10, 3, 4 then the value is 17 and the continuation is 7.

Small or tiny

Small or small bets are the result of the sum of 3 balls slot qris with a score of 0 – 4. From the three balls obtained the final result must be below 4 unless it is above then lose.

Big or large

The big bet is the unit number from the sum of 3 balls with a score of 5-9. Inversely proportional to Small bets so you should be able to get a big score.

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